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Vibrant horses and noble Trident Italian sports cars are men’s favourites and there has never been a lack of beautiful things, Mediterranean sunshine, snow-covered Alps, gorgeous and stylish Milanese fashion and passionate Italian football. Many of the world’s most famous classic sports car brands come from ASIN, the most famous of which are Ferraris and Maseratis with unique Italian styles. Of course, Italy isn’t just a country that produces supercars, but the Italian speed machine has a different style than anyone else. Italy has a long cultural history, and Renaissance art feels integrated into the design of Italian sports cars. Although the Italian sports car also has a fierce large displacement engine, it certainly won’t be as big as the American sports car’s big waist and full face. A fiery racehorse The world’s recognized king of sports cars, Ferrari, has never dressed himself up as a cruel upstart. In addition to its unparalleled performance, the Ferrari sports car looks even more attractive. Ferrari has a variety of designs, but because the engine is placed behind the car, the entire body is wedged, the front is low and the rear is high. All Ferraris show an aggressive dynamic. In particular, the side body design – the front wheels, doors and rear wheels of the overall line are deformed several times, but they are seamlessly connected and integrated and are the perfect crystallization of modern aerodynamics and design art. Perhaps influenced by the bright and warm sunshine of the Apinin Peninsula, almost every Ferrari uses red as its basic hue, demonstrating irresistible temptation and impact. The Maserati with the Trident logo on its head is more elegant and has a more vibrant design than a Ferrari sports car. Strictly speaking, Maserati is not a pure sports car, but a coupe product that combines cutting-edge performance with comfortable rides. Maserati, which is owned by Ferrari, has introduced a range of models designed by renowned teacher Giuliaro: Maserati, Maserati SPYDER and Maserati 3200GT. After a careful modification by Gigi Caro, the nose shape of these cars is more muscular. The maserati coupe’s luxury carriages have plenty of room for four adults, a rare practical design in the coupe world. The Maserati-style new design has blown a gust of wind in the relatively conservative luxury car world. Its body curves are like an angel depicting baroque style, plump and round. Maserati’s interiors are filled with high-quality leather and wooden trim. It is said that the leather trim area inside a single Maserati can reach 20 square meters. Trying to spend the night in there? It may not be more comfortable than a luxury suite, but it’s definitely romantic enough. Maserati’s historic classic model, the 3200GT, ushered in a new era of coupe design. It has all the elements that a coupe should have, especially an elegant body design. The curved taillights condense the indicators, brake lights and reversing lights simultaneously, and the Italian design is unparalleled. Comfortable, luxurious, powerful, two seemingly extreme elements are also concentrated on the 3200GT. Easy to control fully automatic shift system, advanced and efficient 3.2-liter V8 turbo engine, so that driving enjoy automatic climb. The Maserati SPYDER sports car has a shorter wheelbase and a stronger body than the 3200GT. Both seats are equipped with a roller protection support frame. Its roof folds automatically and can be stored at the front of the tail box. Its frame resists deformation while driving, providing powerful and stable driving pleasure. Both models feature the new Maserati 4.2-litre V8 engine and are injected with the highest technology, equipped with cambiocorsa racing plus or minus gear change systems – similar to Ferrari’s F1 gears, with electronically controlled switching procedures for refreshing and neat shifting. The simple and elegant look, luxurious interiors, cutting-edge technology, true driving pleasure, and advanced automotive manufacturing technology combine elegant lines, which are elegant gestures and timeless beauty of the Italian sports car. Sexiness and elegance are key words that dominate the Style of Italian Sports Cars. You won’t find ferocious faces and unbridled power displays in Italian sports cars, but you can feel the usual speed and passion in sports car culture and learn more. Many explanations of art. If you ask Italian men what they like, “sun, beach, football, women” may be the answer;

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