Dodge Druango SRT Hellcat

When it comes to the Dodge, the original American car brand, what comes to my mind is the big-capacity muscle car Callenger, or an American full-size ramskin truck on the sparsely populated Route 66, which would be perfect if I towed another motorhome.

As if, all the fantasies about American cars, the Dodge brand can help you achieve and perform to the extreme

“Hellcat” is Marvel’s superhero, with a magic vision and a keen insight into what’s going on around it. And the Dodge brand has given its best-performing model the “Hellcat” feature, where you only need to know that if the Dodge and “Hellcat” are associated with the letters, you’ll be instantly bloodthirsty.

Druango’s Chinese name: Dulango, is a very important Dodge medium- and large SUV, more than 5 meters long, more than 3 meters wheelbase (and Ford Explorer positioning is very close), the conventional version of the model by relatively popular prices, in the U.S. market has a good performance.

Recently, the 2021 Dodge Druango SRT Hellcat debuted, known as the “strongest SUV on the surface”, 3.5 seconds to break the speed performance, can put the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and BMW X5 M on the ground “friction.” Today’s “FB Car” takes you to see how good the performance of this car, known as the “strongest SUV on the surface”, is.


Power system

When it comes to the strongest, starting with the powertrans, no violent heart can be called a strong one.

The 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat uses a 6.2L V8 mechanical booster engine, which is also used on several of the Fick Group’s models. Put in the engine compartment of the Dulango Hellcat, the maximum power reached 710 horsepower, peak torque 875 Nm, in order to ensure the strength of the engine, crankshafts, piston connecting rods and other components are forged process.

Thanks to the mechanical booster, the booster works at low speeds, with a capacity of 2.4L, a maximum speed of 146,000 rp/min and a boost value of 11.6psi.

The booster integrates an auxiliary set of inflatable air coolers, water pumps, coolant memory and heat exchangers to stabilize the working environment in the booster at 60 degrees C, contributing to a consistent and stable intake.

In terms of transmission systems, an 8AT automatic transmission is matched.

In addition to the engine, Dulango Hellcat’s body strength and chassis components have been enhanced to be more compatible with the powertrain, officials said.

Dulango Hellcat’s 3.5-second speed of 100 seconds, the limit speed of 290km/h, the 1/4-mile acceleration of 11.5 seconds, even in the face of the BMW X5 M, Mercedes GLE 63 S AMG, Cayenne Turbo have a crushing advantage.

Chassis/brake system

In terms of suspension, Dulango Hellcat is an enhanced improvement on the SRT version, with a 20% increase in the limit performance of the suspension spring and a further increase in comfort while reducing steering and side slip.

Come to the side of the body of the Dulango Hellcat, the red large Brembo brake calipers will enter your line of sight, the first six after two piston brake calipers, so that the 100 km braking distance reached 35.4 meters, many two-door overstaying can not achieve the braking performance, in this Hellcat SUV achieved.

Drag ability

If you’re a motorhome player, Dulango Hellcats won’t let you down, with more than 8,700 pounds of towing power, dragging the motorhome behind you, and taking a family outing on weekends, not a problem.

It can be the monster of the truck day racetrack, or it can be a warm-up man at home, travelling with a family, but it’s still moving, presumably such a Dulango Hellcat no one loves.


Written at the end:

It is reported that Dulango Hellcat will be limited to 2000 units in 2021, the new car price is expected to start at $100,000, it is very expensive. The standard version of the Dodge Durano starts at about $30,000 and the SRT version starts at about $80,000, but given the allure of Hellcat’s performance, it’s not hard to afford to pay more for it.



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