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The name is not only a person’s code name, but also the greatest intangible wealth of his life. No matter how great a achievement a man’s life is, how many honorary titles he has won will be named after him. The name represents the heritage of the family culture, from the name can also be seen a family cultural heritage. The meaning of the name is equally important to cars. The name of a car usually symbolizes the birth of a car or a car system, and its importance is self-evident. For artists, Italy was the source of the Medieval Renaissance, and for fans, Italy was not only the origin of cars, but also the cradle of limousines. Italy has a choice of ultra-luxury car brands such as Pagani, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. So what is Italy’s cultural heritage? What we bring you today is Maserati’s name.

A brief history and naming of Maserati President Quartro Porter:

In 1963, Maserati pioneered the concept of a “high-performance luxury four-door sedan”. At that year’s Turin Motor Show in Italy, the “Tipo 107” Quattroporte sedan by Piero Petrofrua made its debut, showuring the world’s flagship sedan, suitable for comfortable sports cars and limousines. This means the car of the first-generation Maserati Quattroporte president.

In 1963, a four-door luxury car had a top speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour, which was almost impossible for manufacturers around the world at the time. Due to its excellent performance, it is also recognized as “the fastest four-door sedan in the world”.
After World War I, national warrior Sandro Peltini became President of Italy and Royal Troport was appointed official driver.

Quattroporte, the fifth-generation Maserati president designed by PininFarina, has applied the aesthetics of streaming to the extreme, the first model since Maserati joined the Ferrari family.

In 2013, the sixth-generation Quattroporte was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. Now, seven years later, the design is still not out of date, and at the end of 2019, the president unveiled a model co-produced by Jania Artisan’s hand-woven Jenia, further enhancing the luxury of the presidential model.

What does Quartroport mean? This is indeed an Italian word, but it does not mean “president” in Italian. Quattroporte is two words, Quattro means the Italian number “4”, Audi’s famous Quattro four-wheel drive is derived from it, Porter means “door”. Quattroporte is a four-door, four-door sedan. Does it sound rather disillusioned Chinese president with such a domineering name?

But for Italians, they don’t think the word Quattroporte is very low. In fact, since the president’s model and the birth of the world famous, Quattroporte has become a symbol of luxury cars. Just Chinese don’t think “gun” or “headlights” is a simple car name, but it’s very popular. As long as the product is strong enough, these names will slowly become high-end off-road pickups and IKEA synths.

A brief history and naming of Maserati Gybli (parameters/inquiries):

When it comes to Maserati Djibli, it must start in 1962. In 1962, Maserati launched the Sebring two-seater sports car, and launched the Maserati Mislar sports car and the first four-door limousine, four-door limousine, the first generation of the president mentioned earlier mentioned. With consumer preference for luxury cars, Maserati continues to expand its products to meet market demand. As a result, the first generation of Maserati Djibli should have.

In 1966, the first Maserati Gybri sedan was unveiled at the Turin Motor Show in Italy. It continues the concept of the Maserati A6 1500 sports car, which was launched in 1947 and is positioned as a luxury travel sports car.

Designed by renowned Italian designer Giordi Giorro, its smooth, sleek body and shark-like front face are undoubtedly at the forefront of the times. Since its launch, many people have been fascinated by its appearance, including Henry Ford II, president of Ford Motor Company II, who owns three Gybley cars at once.

Mr. Jibli is positioned under Mr. Quattroporte’s presidency, allowing more successful people to own a four-door sports car smaller than Mr. Quattroporte’s president. It was also the product of the relative balance of sport, practicality and luxury at that time, known as the “Little President”.

Named after cyclone Kibli in the Sahara Desert and named after Maserati, Igili is expected to sweep the global market like a cyclone, in addition to the tradition of using the name of a cyclone.

Named after the wind? That’s right! That’s true. This is not only a Maserati tradition, but also conveys Maserati’s pursuit and love of speed. Maserati Mistral was the first model to be named after the wind, and “Cold North Wind” was the inspiration for the name, opening up a new naming line for Maserati “in the name of the wind”. After seeing the Ghibili wind, you can see the monsoon Levante crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

Maserati Leviante’s name (parameters/inquiries):

As we said earlier, Maserati has a tradition of naming its own models after the world’s most famous wind. This tradition began with the legendary Maserati Mistral in 1963, followed by Jibli (Parameter, Rfq), Bora and Hamsin. Here are the models we’ll cover, which are also named after the wind. It was the Maserati family’s first SUV, Levant.

In November 2019, Maserati released “The Great Turismo Zeda”, a tribute to the 21 Italian letters “Z” and a tribute to history in the name of “Zéda”, symbolizing the end. In this way, the previous generation of Maserati Grand Turism model Gran Turismo Zéda, produced at the Modena plant in Italy, ended the current model and welcomed the launch of the next generation of Gran Turismo models at the Turin plant.

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