Royal-style Maserati from indoor luxury to appearance

Maserati, a luxury brand that has long been plagued by ordinary consumers, has been circulating in the affluent world, a mysterious brand that has earned the title of the most expensive model of its 77 models, while Maserati, which has been challenging luxury goods, recently launched a gorgeous royal version of Quattroporte, Levante and Gibley, a limited edition collection. Based on the original 51 pieces of the Maserati Quartet produced in 1986. Maserati announced that it would produce only three models of 100 models and offer them two unique colors: Brother Royal and Cape Verde Royal.

The new Maserati Royal model will power the V6 engine from 275 HP 3.0L V6 diesel to 350 hp and 430 hp 3.0L petrol cars. Depending on the interior level of Gran Lusso, customers will have to choose Zegna Pelletessuta, a custom textile interior made from Napa leather strips, or an excellent two-tone Pino Fiore leather interior.

In appearance, the Levante Royal also has 21-inch Antio alloy wheels, while the Gibley and Quartroport Royals will have the same 21-inch wheels, but with a titanium surface, all three models will also receive silver calipers.


There are also high-gloss inserts in the cockpit for Quattroporte’s black piano paint, Metal Net for Levine and Ebony for Ghibli Royale. All three models will be equipped with a powerful Bowers and Wilkins sound system, with electric sunroofs and privacy glass as standard, as well as a special “one in 100” plaque. The Royale model will also be equipped with the Touch Control Plus infotainment system.

Maserati Quattroporte Royale starts at £103,150 in the UK, while Ghibli Royale starts at £78,900 and Levante Royale starts at £85,300. Of course, these models are limited to only 100 units each

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